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Jori Clarke

6 months ago

Hi All,

Just a reminder - our team fee is due over three periods - September, October and November, each one is a payment of $300. So that means everyone should have now submitted cash or check of $600 with the final payment due in 3 weeks. If you are not sure how much you have paid to date, feel free to contact me and I can look it up for you. For those who haven't yet gotten the first or the second payment in, can you please bring a check tonight to practice and give it either to me or to Jodey? And for those of you who are current, thank you! Then please mark your calendar that the third a final payment is due in 3 weeks (of course you are welcome to pay early as well *grin*).

We are having to pay all of our tournament fees right now so your money is needed.

If any of our fundraisers bring in personal cash for your family's fees or enough to offset fees for the whole team, we will rebate anything to you after those are all done. Please see Maggie if you need help in setting up Flipgive as a way to offset your fees and don't forget our next meal out fundraiser next week Tuesday October 15th at Panera in Maryland Heights.

Thanks much all!


Joe Bova Conti
Head Coach

Dale Greenbury

Jodey Streb
Team Manager

David Stanley
Assistant Coach

Carla Kutz

Michael Benoit
Assistant Coach

Carla Kutz
Team Manager