2021-22 Fall Season Registration Now Open

Registration for the St. Louis Lady Cyclones fall program is now open. Girls 19 years of age and younger may register for the 2021-22 season. 

The Lady Cyclones practice and play at the state of the art Centene Community Ice Center the premier ice facility within 500 miles of the St. Louis Area. 

Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the information below:

To register CLICK HERE

Or follow this link: https://www.stlladycyclones.com/registration/1217


19U (NINETEEN AND UNDER)* 2002-2004

16U Midget (SIXTEEN AND UNDER)* 2005-2006



10U SQUIRT (TEN AND UNDER) 2011-2012




Pre-Skates are to allow the players to go through the same drills that they will see at the evaluations. This allows the players to get familiar with the format of the evaluations in a no pressure situation. This also helps “knock the rust off" for any girls that haven't skated much over the summer. No Evaluators will be present during pre-skates.


Independent evaluators will be present and evaluating each player in several skill categories to best determine level of play. All players should bring a light and dark jersey for evaluations. You will be assigned a group light or dark when you arrive. Please try to avoid colors that are hard to fit into one category like red, yellow and pink. 

Important Information: 

This would be a great time to get your skates sharpened (ideally before pre-skates). Also you should check the rest of your gear to make sure everything is in working order. Specifically check the fit on helmets and make sure your screws are tight and not missing.


Pre-skates and Evaluations will be held at the Centene Community Ice Center 750 Casino Center Dr. Maryland Heights, MO 63017


6U (2015-2016 Birth Years)

Sat Aug 14th at 2:10 pm

8U (2013-2014 Birth Years)

Sat Aug 14th at 3:20 pm

10U (2011-2012 Birth Years)

Mon Aug 16th at 7:20 pm

12U (2009-2010 Birth Years)

Mon Aug 16th at 8:20 pm

14/16/19U (2002-2008 Birth Years)

Mon Aug 16th at 8:30 pm


6U (2015-2016 Birth Years)

Fri Aug 20th at 6:00 pm

8U (2013-2014 Birth Years)

Fri Aug 20th at 7:10 pm

Sat Aug 21st at 5:40 pm

10U (2011-2012 Birth Years)

Sat Aug 21st at 2:10 pm

Sun Aug 22nd at 10:50 am

12U (2009-2010 Birth Years)

Sat Aug 21st at 3:20 pm

Sun Aug 22nd at 12:00 pm

14U (2007-2008 Birth Years)

Sat Aug 21st at 4:30 pm

Sun Aug 22nd at 1:10 pm

16/19U (2002-2006 Birth Years)

Fri Aug 20th at 6:50 pm

Sun Aug 22nd at 2:20 pm


Uniform fittings will be conducted during the pre-skates and/or the evaluations. We will follow up with the exact times once we confirm with our uniform vendor.

• Please bring shoulder pads to the fittings to help ensure proper fit. 

Fall Season Costs:

Evaluation Fee

$60 paid during registration. Evaluation fee is $45 for 6U aged players

Ice Fees*

6U: $899 ($944 with evaluation fee)

8U: $999 ($1059 with evaluation fee)

10U/12U: $1499 ($1559 with evaluation fee)

14U/16U/19U: $1699 ($1759 with evaluation fee)

Early Registration Discount of 5% of base ice fees before $60 evaluation fee if registered before August 1st


* Any extra fees such as, but not limited to USA Hockey membership, Team fees, Travel expenses, Club game jerseys & socks (10U and older), etc. are considered extra fees and are not included as part of your ice fees.

Payment plans for the ice fees are available during the registration process. The payment plans break your ice fees down into two possible scenarios. We know that things may be more financially difficult this season so in addition to our regular four payment plan we are offering an eight payment plan as well at no additional cost. There is a 5% flat fee if you elect either payment plan. This fee offsets the additional processing fees incurred for the additional installments.

Plan A: is a $60 down payment and four additional installments due on 8/1, 9/1, 10/1 and 11/1.

Plan B: is a $60 down payment and eight additional installments due on 8/1, 9/1, 10/1, 11/1, 12/1, 1/1/22, 2/1/22 and 3/1/22

If you have circumstances that require special consideration please reach out to Dale Greenbury @ daleg@stlladycyclones.com or via talk/text at 314-435-6422 before registering.

Player Discount Programs  

The St. Louis Lady Cyclones have several different player discount programs for the 2021-22 season. Even though players might be eligible for multiple discounts, any given individual player can only realize one discount. Please also note that the following discounts do not apply to any extra fees such as, but not limited to, USA Hockey membership, Team fees, Travel expenses, Club game jerseys & socks (for 10U and above), etc. Please see the details and examples following the discount descriptions.

Goalie Discount

50% Discount available during registration. Goalies 10U and older are eligible for a discount equal to 50% off of their club ice fees. To receive the discount, Goalies will be required to play goal in a minimum number of games and must attend at least 2/3 of the club provided goalie training opportunities. 

Dual Roster Discount:

If you daughter is 10U and older and playing on a co-ed team, please contact Dale Greenbury at daleg@stlladycyclones.com BEFORE registering regarding our Dual Roster Discount Program. Proof of registration may be requested to be eligible for this discount.  Elite teams are not eligible for this discount.

Sibling Discount Program:

If you have more than one daughter playing on a Lady Cyclones team please contact Dale Greenbury via email at daleg@stlladycyclones.com or via talk/text at 314-435-6422 (before registering), regarding our Sibling Discount program. The most expensive player is full price, the next most expensive is 30% off and any additional subsequent player is 50% off. 

Each player gets the greater of the whatever discounts they are eligible for but not more than one per player.  


The St. Louis Lady Cyclones are a volunteer run organization. As such, each family is required to give 8 hours of time back to St. Louis Lady Cyclones through volunteering for their player's team or at club wide events.   

• Team Managers and other club designated representatives will track these hours as the season progresses.   

• Families are responsible for reporting any Pre-Season Volunteer Time to their Team Manager.  

• Team Managers will be reporting volunteer time to the Board midseason to ensure each family's obligation is being met.  

You may opt out of these volunteer hours by paying a $200 buyout fee during registration.  


For our 6U and 8U age groups, the cost of game jerseys & socks is included in your fees. Every year 6U and 8U players get new jerseys. This will require coming to a fitting session to ensure proper sizing is ordered.   

For our 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 19U age groups, the cost of game jerseys & game socks IS NOT included in the club fee listed above. Participants will be required to purchase them. You will own them. These are the same style game jerseys & socks that our club has used at this age group for the last several seasons.  

• If you have these items from last season, and it all still fits - then no action is necessary. 

• If you do not have these items OR if they no longer fit, then you will be required to attend one of the scheduled fitting sessions. Please make every effort to attend one of the scheduled fitting sessions.  Failure to do so may result in a delay in receiving your game jerseys and socks.  All scheduled fitting sessions will take place at the Centene Community Ice Center and will coincide with the 8U - 19U Pre-Skate and/or Evaluation dates. More specific details to follow.

• Please bring shoulder pads to the fittings to help ensure proper fit.  


Uniform sets will cost $180 for a pair of home and away jerseys and socks.

Full payment is due at time of fittings. You will own these after purchase. It is suggested to buy them a little big in order to get a couple years of use from them.  


• Odd birth years get odd numbers  

• Even birth years get even numbers  

With the purchase of new uniforms, you will need to select a number for the jersey.  On your order form you will be asked to choose three potential numbers.  Conflicts will be resolved by:  

 1. Seniority with the requested number in the club  

2.  Seniority with the club  

3.  First request via registration  

Keep in mind that there are two types of potential conflicts: within a team and with the team the next level up.  Regarding the latter, as an example, a Squirt 09 chooses the same number as a Peewee 08.  Those two players may be on the same team next season, so one of them will have to buy another jersey set (we can’t change numbers on sublimated jerseys).  We want to avoid this situation and duplicate numbers on the same team, so we will use the criteria above to determine who gets their first choice. In the event that none of your first three choices are available, you will be contacted to resolve the situation.  


Every season the St. Louis Lady Cyclones conduct a fundraiser at the beginning of the year and occasionally during the season to help players offset the cost of their season’s ice fees. You keep all of the profits from these fundraisers to offset your ice fees. We also work concerts at the St. Louis Music Park and Hollywood Casino amphitheater to help you earn money to offset your hockey expenses. Our director of fundraising is putting together the information for that program and more details will be coming soon. If you are interested in working the concerts please reach out ASAP to Jennifer Bauer at   hockeyconcertvolunteers@gmail.com 

We will continue to explore additional fundraising opportunities to help offset ice fees.  


To register CLICK HERE


Rod Fahs 314-210-4435 (talk or text) or by email at rodf@stlladycyclones.com


Dale Greenbury 314-435-6422 (talk or text) or by email at daleg@stlladycyclones.com